Tape EP

by Facing Extinction

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Ryan Knapp
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Ryan Knapp This is a tried and true template of grind. Disgusting riffs breed with raucous drums and pulse with vocals that resent the system. Splash this with a hook and you have a delectable grind composition. Facing Extinction’s Tape EP is just that. It’s raw. Each instrument gnaws through the unproduced atmosphere, feasting with rabid thirst. Favorite track: Dismal Reckoning.
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Cover art by Noritsugu Lockheart and the rest by Austin
All music and words by FE
Thanks to everyone over the years buying our weird shit, booking us, and all the great bands we've been lucky enough to play with.
This release is dedicated to our sisters of Broken Dead, Sean and the Gonzales family.



released May 5, 2016

Austin-6 string and screeches
Bucky-4 string and blisters
Jason-Sore throat and burritos
Kellen-Sticks and Kicks



all rights reserved


Facing Extinction Eugene, Oregon

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Track Name: Dismal Reckoning
Let them riot, he knows he should
Burn, pillage, and protest, they will until content
Don't follow them like sheep, don't let them step on us like ants
Their power abused like so many times before
Corruption running deep finally becoming apparent
Protect and serve but you only serve yourself
Now a revolt is going to tear down your department
Watch and stare as the people turn the town upside down
An anger so righteous no one will stop it
Seething while trying to find the worms wiggling in the roots
Eat the before they eat the entire system
Just those few indulging in our trust and now we can never trust again
One can only imagine all of the horrible atrocities committed unseen and without punishment
Track Name: Ex Nihilo
This sickness never ends
Take pills three times a day to keep illness at bay
Ever rising taxes climb so much higher
Until one day ninety-nine percent can't afford to pay
Population control Masquerade
Profiteering judges promoting Evergreening,
Condemn the plagued to death, all to build their Utopian society
Genetic splicing, patent pending indigenous superior beings
Lab rats inferior until the end, unless the cage breaks
Abused, weak, and frail, we crawl before them, begging and
pleading for the cure
Sign the line to pay and give your entire future away
Build their pyramid and fuel their quest for immortality
For quality of life and fatality of all the fucking "mice"
Forced to be the pedals cycle after cycle
leaving us at the bottom of the chain
Track Name: Pestilent Lifeless Cataract
Escape, run, evacuate while some of you still can
Your country's dead, yet nuclear energy still stands
Grasping at straws, sweating bullets
trying to come up with a “miracle plan”
No Ice wall can contain this disaster
Watch Japan sizzle, become glass, and enveloped
in a mound of melting sand
Meanwhile toxins drain into the pacific,
moving swift in the sick continental drift
The nuclear energy committee sitting looking so pretty,
looking like a cover girl model
While I sit here building you a fucking model, a diagram of what will unfold all over our boiling world
three hundred tons of contaminated water leaked in a day, Don't listen to one word these cover up fucks say
Sweep it under the mat, do an interview with Kennedy at the good ol' Fukushima Daiichi power plant
Tell us all that it will be okay
Yet day after day this irradiated plague climbs up the food chain.
Track Name: Egregore
This feeling of true terror
Enveloping me in a cold sweat
My Stomach is filled with wretched knots
In my mind there is no where to run
Dizzy from the adrenaline, about to faint
but this heart still beats faster
Instincts trying to save me
Perception consistently deceiving me
Eradicate complacency and dominate the psyche
Only then we can see the reason we should be panicking
Programmed from birth, manipulated to the end
Listen to these senses
To their will you dare not, not bend
Track Name: Archons And Thralls
Some people say the world is finally waking up
The Mountains of evidence showcasing so many cover ups
Even with proof these domestic terrorists will easily get off the hook
How can a terrorist call another terrorist a terrorist
Technology, easily one step ahead, Your privacy systematically violated
Slandering you with propaganda before you can expose their nefarious agenda
Brainwashing you, no subliminal, we are just getting use
to the criminal activities
Our own system is our biggest enemy
Using your friends and family like collateral to control you
Character Assassination, RIP no one cares about the few martyrs
Complete image control of controversy the truth always farther
Spin the frame one more time, don't ask questions or use logic
Our advancements creating a universally controlled market
Wage slaves working for deteriorating currency, enslavement of the lower classes, disinformation to the masses
Think tanks and misinform-ants dissuading altruistic performance...